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Volume I, Edition 15- We and Smash Mouth learn together how powerful social media can be, the internet forgets to fact-check one of the entertainment calendar’s biggest yearly stories, and football players stop giving comic book nerds swirlies for long enough to make T-shirts together. All this and more in today’s edition of the News Roundup! Read on.

Breaking: Oprah probably will not host Oscars, but might, or whatever

Joseph Hunter (source)

Over the last few days, the scrupulous and intrepid amateur journalists of the internet have gone crazy reporting that Oprah Winfrey had been tapped as the next Academy Awards hostess. While the media mogul, recently free of her long-running and incredibly popular daytime talk show, has a renewed air of relevance as of late, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has downplayed this possibility. “We don’t care about the female, 25-49 demographic,” the Academy never said but must be thinking, “or any other female demographic, for that matter. We’d rather have attractive, young, possibly-stoned-stupid actors present our awards.”

If you’re like us at Stars & Popcorn, you just assume Oprah will host everything until you hear definitively otherwise.


Jocks extend friendly towel-whip across locker room to nerds in Dallas Cowboys/Marvel Comics alliance

Joseph Hunter (source)

In a striking business deal that left surprisingly few people stuffed in lockers, the Dallas Cowboys and Marvel Comics recently announced a collaborative clothing line. Depicting Marvel super heroes like Captain America fighting crime decked out in Cowboys gear, the clothing is the next in a long string of pro sports crossovers for the comic book publisher, which previously made shirts featuring the Hulk in Boston Celtics colors and the Avengers sporting Miami Heat garb. But it represents the company’s first foray into the real-man’s sport of football, one that meshes bizarrely at best with their taped-up horn-rimmed glasses.


Smash Mouth singer to succumb to peer pressure, eat two dozen eggs because we say so

Joseph Hunter (source)

Several weeks ago, a joke tweet on Twitter by its classiest user, @fart (Jon Hendren, a columnist for the great Something Awful), implored the lead singer of past-their-prime rock band Smash Mouth to eat two dozen eggs on camera for $20. Since then, more than $10,000 have been pledged via Twitter and other social media outlets to St. Jude if the singer, Steve Harwell, can stomach 24 eggs. We at Stars & Popcorn have been following this odyssey closely since its inception (it is our Casey Anthony trial), and we are unreasonably ecstatic that the band has finally agreed to some terms to make this happen, if not for the egg farmers of the world, and if not for the internet, then for the children.


Black Eyed Peas to take, give the general public, a break

Joseph Hunter (source)

For all the good, fun music the Black Eyed Peas have given us over the last half-decade or so, we still can’t forgive them for things like “Imma Be” and allowing Fergie to have maintained media relevance when she probably should have just succumbed to Botox poisoning years ago. (We’re fairly certain that’s a thing.) And as all things must come to an E.N.D., the group’s creative voice recently announced via Twitter (how en vogue of him) that they were taking a break at the end of their current tour. But fear not, fans of redundant club music: They’re focusing on side projects (sigh…) until they inevitably reunite (sigh…).


Spike Lee to take Steven Spielberg’s leftovers, attempt remake of ‘Oldboy’

Joseph Hunter (source)

As we noted in a recent News Roundup, Steven Spielberg was once attached to a remake of the Park Chan-Wook classic Oldboy, which was supposed to star Will Smith as the squid-eating action star. Well, it turns out the American remake of the South Korean film is moving ahead, but Spike Lee is now its director-du-jour. He’s set to collaborate with writer Mark Protosevich (who has worked with Will Smith in the past on I Am Legend) to bring this story of adventure, vengefulness and love to American screens.


Scratch ‘Space Invaders’ off the list of classic arcade games not to have been turned into lousy films

Joseph Hunter (source)

Somehow we all knew there’d be a Space Invaders film adaptation, that it was not a question of if, but when. And it looks like when might be within the next two years or so. Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Gigi Pritzker of Odd Lot Entertainment have optioned the rights and are now on the search for a scriptwriter.

Those who have played or had experience with the game (read: every post-pubescent citizen of the modern world) knows that Space Invaders had little-to-no story beyond “aliens shoot lasers at you, so you’d better hide until you’re dead,” so it’s unclear what a writer could possibly do for two hours. We’re hoping for something similar to Ryan ReynoldsBuried, showing one man’s story from underneath a slowly deteriorating shield as he struggles to survive in real-time. But instead we’ll probably get something closer to Battle: Los Angeles.

Also worth noting for fans of classic sci-fi, Odd Lot Entertainment is the company behind (or responsible for) the perpetually stalled film adaptation of Orson Scott Card‘s Ender’s Game, so, let’s assume the Space Invaders movie will never actually see daylight for now.

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