Ah yes, the party animal. Perhaps nature’s deadliest and most dangerous creature (at least to himself). Known for drunken shenanigans and occasional drug-fueled benders, their primary purpose is to amuse those around them at social gatherings. It’s a shallow, soul-crushing existence, but it’s a path a few brave souls have expertly walked in the past, ravaging their bodies with unwholesome activities so that we may have something to laugh at. Sure, they usually all have to be put down at the age of 30, but we love party animals (it’s just a shame that in breeding is leading to hip dysplasia among them). So, we thought it was only appropriate to count down the top 10 best-in-show party animals cinema has given us over the years. After all, if these squalid animals are slowly going to kill themselves for our entertainment, the least we can do is give them the attention they so desperately crave.

10. James Bond- O.K., so he might not be the type to cut loose and get absolutely trashed, but half of his professional career has been spent with a martini in one hand and a girl hanging on the other. Seriously, who knew arms dealers and terrorist spent so much time hosting “small” gatherings for their friends on their private islands? And Bond somehow always manages to pull of that “My friend John brought me” gag. In fact, if we really want to look at it, Bond is the ultimate party crasher. After all, he usually shows up uninvited, proceeds to humiliate the host in some way, drinks a lot and then steals someone’s girl. So, while he might be a total jerk, he was trained by her majesty’s secret service to party.

9. The Tri Deltas- Revenge of the Nerds made 80 percent of the movie going population feel like there was a chance that they could be cool one day… Or at least defeat that guy from high school that used to bully them and runs that car wash down on Fifth Street! This group of Nerds might have known how to party when the chips were down, but we can’t say we always agreed with their methods, especially since they ran around like sex-crazed maniacs half the time. I mean, we get it you’re all virgins, but that doesn’t mean you should trick a girl into having sex with you by wearing a Darth Vader mask. We’re pretty sure that’s called rape, buddy.

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