Hollywood loves giving us girls sensitive white boys to look at. Why? Because we’d much rather watch them on screen than have to deal with them in real life. In the real world, the stereotypical nice guy can be annoying, whiny and pushy. But in a fictional movie realm, the nice guy is just a sorry romantic sap who can do no wrong, and any woman heartless enough to turn him down must be a real jerk.

Except that even the nice guys tend to be a little broken inside. Let us explain:

10. Jerry Falk (Anything Else)- Like many nice guy characters in movies, aspiring writer Jerry (Jason Biggs) is only really nice to whomever he wants to sleep with. Too afraid of confrontation to break up with his girlfriend, he cheats on her and then tells her about it, forcing her to break up with him. He does this thinking he has finally met the woman of his dreams, a girl who is beautiful and smart, and who likes the same things he does. But karma bites him in the butt when his new girlfriend turns out to be a sex-withholding hypochondriac. As nice as he is to her, eventually she leaves him for somebody else.

Anything Else

He would go to Woody Allen for advice.

9. Colin Clark (My Week with Marilyn)- We can only sympathize so much with Colin (Eddie Redmayne) after he ditches a pretty girl who actually likes him because he thinks he has a chance with the seductive sex symbol Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams). Colin spends a week (which feels more like a month) bending over backwards for her, even though he is warned that Marilyn likes to flirt with men and then toss them. That baffled little face he puts on after she decides to go back with her husband is priceless. He later writes a book about this disappointment.

8. Andrew Largeman (Garden State)- There’s something about the more depressing nice guys that women just eat up. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are even more emotional than the average nice guy and usually too self-involved to have any ulterior motives. Andrew (Zach Braff) is one such nice guy. Having been on all sorts of anti-depressants since childhood, Andrew is introduced to us as completely emotionless. That is, until he meets the girl who makes it all better. (Natalie Portman tends to do that for guys.)

Garden State

Nice guy and master of disguise.

7. James Brennan (Adventureland)- Jesse Eisenberg is pretty much Hollywood’s go-to nice guy at this point (in spite of The Social Network), but because I refuse to let him dominate this list, let’s just talk about his character in Adventureland. James is the type of genuine nice guy whose self-esteem is so low he doesn’t even try to flirt with women (which explains why he is out of college and still a virgin). Luckily for him, he falls for a girl who is willing to do all the work, even though she is sleeping with someone else behind his back. Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

6. Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)- If Jesse Eisenberg is too busy filming one nice guy role to star in another, casting directors will usually settle for Michael Cera. Although he is a bit less dignified in his roles, Cera is the perfect mixture of pitiful and comical. As Scott Pilgrim, he stalks the mysterious and vibrant-haired Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) until she finally agrees to date him. He then redeems himself, from this creepy and annoying nice-guy move, by fighting all of her ex-boyfriends (and one ex-girlfriend) in her honor. Finally, he acknowledges that he is sort of a jerk at the end of the movie.

Scott Pilgrim

He's lucky she finds his personality alluring.

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