Ah, Mother Nature: beautiful, majestic, batshit insane. As much as we all admire her work, every once in a while, the old lady tries to kill us all. That’s why we thought it only seemed proper to honor that horrifying force by putting together a list of the top 10 natural disaster movies.

Well, “top 10″ might be a little generous. How about the 10 most bearable natural disaster movies? Nah, it doesn’t have the right ring to it.

Anyway, it’s a pretty simple concept. We’ll look at the films over the years that show case Mother Nature at her most savage. The only rule is that no intelligent force can behind the destruction (and no, we’re not going to get into an argument about the invisible hand of God). That means alien invasions are out, as are any manmade catastrophes. This is good, old-fashioned natural selection at its finest as the universe tries to destroy mankind. It’s times like these that it almost actually seems appropriate to quote Uma Thurman from Batman & Robin, but that was a natural disaster of another kind, and we won’t dignify Joel Schumacher by doing such a thing.

10. The Core- See, this is what we were talking about when we said 10 “bearable” movies. The Core is not exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but it does have Aaron Eckhart, which counts for something. To be honest, I can’t even remember what this movie was really about. Hillary Swank discovers that the Earth is going to stop spinning or something, and so the logical step is to dig down to the center of the planet and set off a bomb. I know what you’re thinking, but science hasn’t proven that it won’t ever happen (and if it has, scientist have way too much time on their hands), so don’t knock it. Actually, you can knock the hell out of it; it’s not that great a movie, but it’s the best you’re getting. (Well, the worst of the best.)

9. The Perfect Storm- Being from Florida, the staff of Stars & Popcorn is familiar with so-called perfect storms, or as we like to call them, lazy afternoons. This storm though isn’t in Florida, which is why it was probably so bad. I mean, down here, when bad storms hit, we only take short trips to the store for necessities, like beer. In the film, we get to watch a sea-hardened fisherman played by George Clooney go toe-to-toe with a massive storm in the name of making a few extra bucks. It’s all a lot more dramatic than that, but we’re focusing on the core concept here. The most upsetting part of the whole movie is that Clooney’s fishing captain character still looks better than we do on our best day. Oh, that and their lives being in peril and junk.

Guys, I want to go home now.

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