There are two types of movie in this cinematic landscape we as a society have created: Those that don’t have the word “Rush” or one of its variants in the title, and those that do. Today, we celebrate that second category by counting down the top 10 movies bold enough, ballsy enough, to include the word “Rush” in their titles.

Sometimes the word “Rush” is intended to be read in its second or third dictionary definition; sometimes it’s used to create a cheap pun or force an oblique Elvis Pressley reference. But one thing’s for sure: Of all the movies with the word “Rush” or one of its variants in their titles, this list has 10 of them.

Drugs are bad. Watching movies about drugs is good.

10. Rush (1991)- The word “rush” doesn’t always have to do with being in a hurry! The title of this film, which we will call a Jennifer Jason Leigh vehicle for the purposes of this article, refers to a speed rush of a different sort. Here, “speed” is drugs. Buzzkills Jason Patric and Sam Elliott try to stop rock star (and future EGOTer?) Gregg Allman from selling hella drugs. Can they do it? Watch the movie! (Yes, they can.)

9. Rush Hour 2- Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker should have known: Cops, who are also buddies, should never go on vacation together after a big case, or else they’ll be drawn into another, even bigger case. Confused? Of course you are. But here’s a tip from your friends at Stars & Popcorn: Hop on down to No. 4 on this list for a little context.

8. Fools Rush In- Matthew Perry, only the third-most-notable of the F.R.I.E.N.D.s, is good at making the average guy think he’s got a shot with Salma Hayek. Here, those skills are put to great use, as he has to convince audiences he has a shot with Salma Hayek. But he’s white! She’s not! Can they ever make it work? If you stop watching the movie with 30 minutes left in it, as I did, you may never know the answer.

7. Green Grow the Rushes- This 1951 movie is about Richard Burton and his no-goodnick friends smuggling brandy into England during a time when that was taboo (you usually had to take all alcohol through Ireland first), but much unlike the sweet and forbidden taste of illegal brandy, this film does not age well.

6. August Rush- Hard to believe that Jonathan Rhys Meyers would help headline this fantasy movie and, just five short years later, find his way into a bit role in Albert Nobbs. The world is sometimes a funny place.

The Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie we all want to forget.

5. Premium Rush- Do you like bicycles? Do you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Do you like packages delivered on time, at any cost, no questions asked? Yeah? Then this movie probably isn’t for you. It doesn’t have any of those things. Wait, maybe I’m thinking of a different movie.

4. Rush Hour- In 1998, the world was calling for two things and two things only: the impeachment of fun-loving U.S. president Bill Clinton and a Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan buddy cop comedy. In fact, the world miraculously got both wishes, the latter three times over, with a fourth one on the way. Just make sure you’re properly conditioned before you watch this movie, or you might need physical therapy to rehab your shattered funny bone.

3. The Gold Rush- You guys know Charlie Chaplin? About yay tall, doesn’t talk much? Turns out he’s in the acting game, or he used to be. I wonder what ever happened to him.

2. Rush in Rio- Sure, it’s not a movie, per se, so much as it is a promotional concert DVD, but Rush is badass.

Underdogs unite!

1. Rushmore- The quintessential Wes Anderson movie in many ways, Rushmore is a modern retelling of Catcher in the Rye, except no, not really, just one or two things are similar but the point of the movie is entirely different. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I never saw this movie. Maybe I should have put Rush in Rio at No. 1.

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