Tattoo haves always had an important role when it comes to movies. In some cases, they act as intregral plot devices and help to further the story. In others, they serve to enhance the characters on screen, giving them a visual trait that helps to define their role and personality from the very start.

Mostly, though, they’re there to make guys look tough and to give them an excuse to take their shirts off when they fight. That’s right, ladies, we know why you really agree to sit through all those action movies with us, and in a way we’re going to say this list is kinda for you. With The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo coming out today, we thought it only seemed logical (and a little lazy) to come up with a list of our top 10 movie tattoos. It was a tough list to narrow down, especially because every movie tries to make its tattoos so memorable. So, before you decide to throw down some fresh ink, make sure you take a look over our selections. It might just save you the embarrassment of having people think you aren’t original… Well, you ‘ll still be a little more original than the drunks who stagger in and order the No. 27 off the wall.

10. Hesher (Hesher)- The 2011 Honey Badger award goes to this psychotic life coach who sports some of the most “I just don’t even care”-style tattoos to grace the silver screen. From the moment audiences first get a look at the long-haired Joseph Gordon Levitt,we know he’s bad news, and that’s exactly what the film wants us to think. Despite the fact that it looks like his tattoos were made after a drunken night of watching Do It Yourself TV, he proves that you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Then again, he is a bit of a psychopath, so maybe you can… Damn it, we learned nothing from Hesher. Looks like we know what’s going back on our Netflix queue.

9. Max Cady (Cape Fear)- Martin Scorsese might not always do gangster movies, but you’d better believe he always tries his darndest to cast Robert DeNiro. This time around, DeNiro is playing a man released from prison who is all about the revenge, so of course he’s tatted up. It’s no surprise it looks like an insane man with a needle and ink pen worked on his ink, because, well, he literally just got out of the big house and that place isn’t really known for its quality craftsmanship. They’re crazy tattoos for a crazy man, and defiantly they scream, “Kids, run away from this man’s van!” The one thing DeNiro wasn’t expecting, though, was to go toe-to-toe with Nick Nolte, and tattoos or not, no man wins when he fights Nolte.

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  1. Me says:

    How interesting! An article about 10 tattoos with only 4 pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words, specially when you’re actually talking about visual thing like TATTOOS!

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