This week, Wrath of the Titans comes out, and as some of our more loyal readers know, we usually have our top 10 lists relate to what’s coming out in theaters. Well, the unfortunate thing is that we already did The Top 10 Movie Gods last year. So, in a desperate move, we at Stars & Popcorn thought we would be clever and go in the opposite direction this week.

That’s right: We’re honoring the man to whom half of Hollywood owes its soul. Look, we’re not saying they’re all Satanists out there, but something has to explain how some of these movies get made. So, start playing your favorite rock albums backward and pop a kitten in the microwave, because we’re counting down the top 10 movie devils!

10. Bedazzled- Elizabeth Hurley isn’t what one might call a “great actress,” but honestly, the Devil never looked better than in that mildly amusing Brendan Frasier movie. We’re not sure why, but you don’t see too many lady Devils these days. Well, except for at Halloween parties or on mud flaps. Either way, we have to give Hurley a hand; she could probably get us to sign over our souls, and the fact that the film Monkey’s Paw‘d us only proves that you can’t trust the Prince, er, Princess of Darkness. So, while it wasn’t a tour de force performance, it was one that stuck with us over the years. Speaking of which, what ever happened to Elizabeth Hurley? It feels kinda like she pulled a Keyser Soze on us.

9. South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut- Just because he’s the Prince of Darkness and the embodiment of evil doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings. Trey Park voices the Devil himself in this big-screen adaptation of South Park, in which he teams up with Saddam Hussein. Well, “team-up” might not be the best way to put it. It’s more like Saddam keeps Satan’s balls in his purse. As with most movies involving the Devil, there’s an ancient prophecy that threatens to bring about the end of days and, of course, in true South Park tradition, it’s ridiculous. Still, this movie offers one of the more memorable interpretations of the character, and we couldn’t go without honoring it.

8. Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny- Rock n’ Roll has always been considered the Devil’s music by people who live in towns with laws against dancing and what-have-you. However, Jack Black and Kyle Gass actually had to defeat the unholy beast in the ultimate battle of rockdom while searching for the legendary Pick of Destiny. Satan himself, here played by the inimitable Dave Grohl, only appears in the film for a short period of time, but he makes quite an impression despite losing to the duo after an epic jam session. (Don’t get mad at me for spoiling it, they wrote a freaking song about it and we all know you loved it in high school.) We have to salute this movie Devil for his profound contribution to the music community at large.

All we're saying is Jack Black had a meeting with Satan and now everyone thinks his antics are hilarious.

7. The End of Days- Satan shows everyone how tough he is in this flick by not only taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger, but taking him on when he’s going by the name Jericho Cane. What kind of a mother names her kid Jericho Cane? A mother who knows that her son is going to grow up to fight Gabriel Byrne, that’s who. Wait, that sounded better in my head. Either way, Byrne plays it calm even when a 250-pound Austrian has it out for him, which is an admirable skill. Then again, we don’t really see Satan as the blinking-in-the-face-of-danger type, which is why we’re honoring the most Irish of all the Devils on our list.

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  1. PretoriaRunningMan says:

    Ray Wise in Reaper was pretty cool as the Devil.

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