You know the moment. You’re mindlessly enjoying a romantic moment in a movie when suddenly there’s this buzzing in the back of your head. Something is very wrong here. Why are they kissing? What’s the matter with them? Oh, God… They’re not? They did! I’m going to vomit.

Cinema is filled with odd relationships. Some are grand and romantic, surviving the test of time and giving us all something to dream about. Others, well, they’re just plain wrong. The worst part is that Hollywood doesn’t always seem to notice how disturbing some of the relationships really are. Though to be fair, sometimes they know exactly what they’re doing. But that doesn’t make the scenes any less creepy. So, in honor of the new movie about a girl falling in love with a zombie, we put together a list of some of the creepiest relationships we’ve seen on the silver screen. Take note, people: There is nothing genuinely romantic about any of these, and most of them are abominations unto the Lord – or at least they are very stupid. So, we welcome you to sit back and enjoy, and before you object to any of our picks, take a moment to think about it. We’ll bet you’ll feel pretty awful about watching these films with your mother afterward.

10. Back to the Future: Marty McFly and Lorraine Baines- To be perfectly honest, their relationship is a plot device. Marty McFly returns to the past and gets stranded, when he runs into a younger version of his dear old mother. Well, turns out he’s quite the mama’s boy, as in his mom falls for him almost immediately. Now, Marty doesn’t return her affections and tries his best to avoid her, but that’s not going to stop her from pursuing him. After all, they always say you should never come between a mother and her children. Besides the obvious connotations of such a relationship, there’s the whole “smooching” his way out of existence scene to add an extra element of awkwardness to the film. Luckily, Crispin Glover wins her heart in the end through physical violence… Which is kinda weird, too.

9. Star Wars: Luke and Leia- Oh yeah, spoiler alert. So, from the get-go, it seems like Luke and Leia are the perfect match. They’re young, they’re idealistic and they really hate the Empire. It seems like they could really be something. Unfortunately, that something is brother and sister. That’s right, Luke and Leia share the same mama and papa, which means that the kiss they share is really uncomfortable, to say nothing of their strong feelings for each other. While their relationship never went further than a kiss, there’s something uncomfortable about the first episode-and-a-half (I guess technically the fourth episode and half of the fifth). Luckily for them, Han Solo was there to swoop in and snatch up the princess while she was still emotionally vulnerable.

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