While nothing official has been discussed, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that terrorism is against Stars & Popcorn’s official company policy. That’s why none of the movies you’ve seen reviewed by us have officially been financed through terrorism. True, we did honor those bad guys who deserved props once in the past, but other than that, we are very much anti-terrorism.

So that’s why this week we’re counting down the top 10 guys who give terrorists a bad day. With White House Down coming out this week, we thought it a good time to pat the larger-than-life silver screen heroes who have kicked terrorists in the nuts more times than we can count on the back. So, grab a slice of apple pie and prepare yourself, because this is one of them most American lists we could have ever come up with (even if some of the entries aren’t American)!

10. Barney Ross (The Expendables and The Expendables 2)- Originally, there was no way that this guy would have made our list; he’s a gun for hire at best. However, in the last installment of his franchise, he rose about the money and decided to take up a personal cause in kicking the crap out of would-be terrorists. Then again, the second installment in his franchise featured pretty much every actor you would ever expect to kick the crap out of terrorists. Either way, this is the guy who brought them together, someone you need to keep any eye out for as he takes it to those that would threaten truth, freedom and capitalism… er, the American way.

9. Avner (Munich)- Hopefully there are a few fans of the film Munich that know who we’re talking about. If not, let me remind you. After the horrible attack on the Israeli Olympic team in the 1972 Munich Olympics, there were some people who were chosen to send a message to the terrorists responsible. These people were led by Avner (Eric Bana), who basically showed the world that Israel really wasn’t a country to be dicked around with. Avner makes our list because he was probably one of the least likely people you would have thought to make it. At the beginning of the film, he was a nobody who was chosen to be the wrath of a nation. He wasn’t a specialist or anything like that, just a man who was asked to do something that seemed impossible. And he did.

Hmm, what to do today…. What to do…

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2 Responses to Top 10 Anti-Terrorist Movie Characters

  1. Ravenous says:

    I know this is supposed to about feature film characters, but come on, Jack Bauer should at least get an honorable mention.

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