This week, we at Stars & Popcorn decided to honor a few actors best known for their incredible physiques. But first, a mini-rant: We know that there is a ridiculous social view of what is beautiful when it comes to women, and I can respect the people that stand up for it. However, have you seen the hot guys in movies? It’s ridiculous. Every one of them looks like he spends six hours in the gym every day. Don’t even get me started on superheroes, either.

The point is, regular guys and gals stands in the shadow of Hollywood Titans, and this list just goes to show that maybe the guys out there have a pretty high standard to live up to as well. So, with Pain & Gain hitting theaters this week, we wanted to honor the guys out there that work their “asses” off. So, here is a list of the top 10 guys from movies that are best known for their physiques.

10. Chris Evans- Let’s start this list off right with America’s favorite super soldier. Evans originally started getting fit for the hilariously obscene film Not Another Teen Movie, and from there, he went on to play not just one, but two superheroes (though we’re going to pretend the first time never happened… even though it kinda happened twice). These days, Evans is starring as Captain America, and if there’s one thing Cap is known for its for his rockin’ bod. And punching Nazis. (Really, though, it’s for punching Nazis.) The ladies out there don’t seem to be upset about Evans playing the role (or any other role, for that matter), and really, I can’t blame them.

9. Vin Diesel- Unlike a lot of the “shredded” actors we get these days, Diesel has the physique of a true bruiser. There’s just something about him that makes you think, “Nah, I’d better not mess with this guy.” This is thanks either to his days as a bouncer or to his days playing Dungeons and Dragons. Not only is he the kind of guy that looks like he could put anyone’s head through a wall, but he’s got a voice that you feel in your balls when he talks at you. Diesel has become well-known for playing big guys who kick the crap out of people (though Riddick has kicked the crap out of more than just people), and you don’t get those roles for being a noodle-armed wimp.

He’s got biceps the size of your thighs.

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  1. Once Cap hits his stride, he and his team known as the Howling Commandos then begin a fun-filled campaign to wipe Hydra off the map, which kicks off a cinematic trick that has become the scourge of evil groups and high school bullies everywhere — the montage. Years pass, and the narrative picks up again for the climatic battle which brings the film to a satisfying conclusion… in the WWII era. One semi-minor flaw with the film is the final wrap up that sets up The Avengers — it is difficult to discuss it without spoilers. The movie wraps up the main story nicely with a solid conclusion, but the rest is almost an afterthought, grudgingly tacked on. It isn’t a bad conclusion, but the tone is a bit off. I’m nitpicking though.

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