This week, The Butler hits theaters, telling the tale of a man who faithfully served the most powerful men in the world. Of course, this made us think of other big screen servants to some of the greats that graced the silver screen, who kept to the background and did everything in their power to help the men and women in their charge. Oh, and the plot, they helped the plot too.

It’s not surprising that there isn’t much out there devoted to these noble men, but we at Stars & Popcorn intend to do our part to correct that as we honor them now. So, sit back and brew up a cup of your favorite tea, because we’re putting the spotlight on the help this week with the top 10 movie butlers. As always, if we’ve forgotten any, leave a comment below.

10. Bernard (Spider-Man)- Let’s start off our list with a character you probably don’t even remember. Bernard was the loyal servant of the Osborn family, and while he might not be that memorable, he did his best to protect the family name. When Norman went psycho and offed himself, Bernard covered up the truth to spare young Harry the anguish it might cause him. Of course, that didn’t last long, and soon Harry found out the little fact that his dear old dad was the Green Goblin. Even then, Bernard did the right thing by revealing to Harry that Norman was responsible for his own death.

9. Riff-Raff (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)- Riff-Raff is a cult figure from the world of bad movies with rabid followers. Though he’s technically a handyman, most of his duties fall within the realm of what a butler would be required to do, and that’s good enough for us. Unlike the other entries on this list, Riff-Raff isn’t what one would call “loyal,” showing his true colors at the end of the film, but that doesn’t make him any less memorable or any less of an icon. Besides, how many of these other butlers have people dressing up as them on a weekly basis?

Not one of the prettier entries.

8. Drake (Annie)- One of the key qualities any good butler has to possess is patience, and Drake had it in spades when it came to little orphan Annie. To be honest, Drake is a bit of a mystery, and no one seems to know too much about him. Still, he faithfully serves Daddy Warbucks, one of the most powerful men in the world, so there has to be something to the guy. Despite his mysterious past, Drake found himself a fixed figure in the olden days of the funny pages, and when Annie moved to the big screen, he went right along with her. With a new Annie movie in the works, we’re curious to see who is going to get the part of the noble manservant.

7. Oddjob (Goldfinger)- Sometimes the help isn’t really that helpful. At least, not if your James Bond. Auric Goldfinger found himself a faithful companion with a few special talents to help him in his quest to take over the world. Not only was he one hell of a butler, but also he laid the groundwork for Bond villains of the future with his special skill set and appearance. For those of you who don’t know, Oddjob had incredible strength, martial arts training and killer fashion sense… which is to say, he threw a deadly razor-tipped hat. While Oddjob was a man of few words, his loyalty spoke volumes.

A rare photo of Oddjob smiling. (Sort of.)

6. Lurch (The Addams Family)- The Addams Family was a pretty odd assortment of characters, which is why it’s no wonder they employed a mountain of a… I guess we should call him a man. Despite his imposing size, Lurch was more of a gentle giant and calmly went about his duties, even when chaos was erupting around him. That, after all, is the staple of a good butler. When the sky is falling, leave it to your faithful servant to keep his wits about himself and watch your back. It’s no wonder the Addams kept him around.

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