It’s November, that time of year when men apparently stop shaving to raise awareness. “Awareness of what?” you might ask. Well, we’re not exactly sure and apparently neither is the official site. Cancer, we think.

Still, it’s a time of year when the world can celebrate the peach fuzz that has become so popular over the years. Heck, even the staff here at Stars & Popcorn gets in on it by growing our patchy beards in a desperate attempt to prove to each other that we’re manly men (O.K., so at least one of use can grow a decent beard and we’re all jealous). Anyway, now that we can wake up each morning admiring our stubble, we started thinking about some of the awesome facial hair from movies and thought, why not narrow down some of the best facial from the big screen? Think of it as our own attempt at raising awareness about stuff and junk. So, sit down, pour a glass of brandy and start stroking your beard thoughtfully, because we’re coming at you with the 10 characters with the most incredible facial hair.

10. Madame Truska from Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (Salma Hayek)- This first beard on our list is perhaps the most awkward, not because it’s growing on a female face (come on, we’ve all got that one aunt), but because we’re a little disgusted with ourselves that we still find Salma Hayek hot, even with a beard. That’s right, this entry incites what we like to call “The Awkward Boner,” and being the root cause of that is nearly impossible to pull off. Hell, it’s hard for most guys to pull off a beard like this, so we have to give mad respect to Madame Truska. Now hopefully she’ll stop haunting our dreams.

9. Clubber Lang from Rocky III (Lawrence Tureaud, a.k.a. Mr. T)- As a small child, Mr. T used to be bullied on the playground because of his name. So, at the age of six, he decided that he would show them all by growing one of the most intimidating beards that man has ever seen. That beard decided to challenge Rocky to a fight… and won. Unfortunately, that victory was short-lived once Carl Weathers got involved. Clubber Lang makes our list not because he has a most impressive beard, but also because no one else in the world could pull it off. Trust us, we went through a phase in college where we tried. It wasn’t pretty and we have the scars to prove it.

Tell me I look pretty, fool.

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