Each month, Stars & Popcorn will be teaming up with Meg Schutz Photography to bring you its newest feature, the Girl of the Month. This month, we feature the stunning and surprisingly nerdy Heather Edwards as the protagonist of True Blood (and resident vampire bait), Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). Vampires are a hot comodity right now, so it only seemed right to tip our hat to one of the most popular shows on television. Since Sookie always seemed to be surrounded by vampires, we got help from the beautiful Catriona Forgey to play undead dream boat Eric (Alexander Skarsgård). So sit back and enjoy the photos and the interview as we present Stars & Popcorn‘s April Girl of the Month!

All material copyright Stars & Popcorn 2013.

S&P: What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Heather: The Avengers.

All material copyright Stars & Popcorn 2013.

S&P: What movie is your guilty pleasure?

Heather: The Little Mermaid

S&P: What’s the one thing you think Stars & Popcorn fans should know about you?

Heather: I love watching movies several times and getting lost in them.

S&P: Can you tell us why girls love vampires so much?

Heather: Because they’re something we can’t have….

All material copyright Stars & Popcorn 2013.

S&P: Eric or Bill?

Heather: Eric

S&P: What do you want to see happen the most in season six of True Blood?

Heather: I’d love to see more flashbacks of Godric.

S&P: Who is your favorite character from True Blood?

Heather: Sookie, of course.

S&P: If you could be turned by any big screen vampire, who would it be?

Heather: Bela Lugosi

S&P: If you could kill one big screen vampire, who would it be?

Heather: Lestat from Interview with a Vampire.

All material copyright Stars & Popcorn 2013.

S&P: Besides looking pretty in pictures and watching True Blood, what else do you enjoy doing?

Heather: I really enjoy going to the beach, drinking and Megacon (One of Florida’s premier comic conventions).

All material copyright Stars & Popcorn 2013.


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If you’re interested in buying prints of this months Girl of the Month contact Meg Schutz Photography for details. Any ladies dreaming of becoming a future S&P Girl of the Month should e-mail tia@starsandpopcorn.com for details.

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