Explanation of Why People Like Watching Horror Movies

The industry of entertainment has been with mankind since time eternal. Such aspect of man is so insatiable that different areas have been developed – music, theatre, arts, even sports can now be called as entertainment. Anything that can make man laugh or forget their problems even for a moment can now be called entertainment.

Movies have become part of mainstream entertainment. It brings various stories into the big screen for everyone to enjoy. In order to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, people in the entertainment industry has come up with various kinds of genres, and one of them is horror movies. Its main premise is to scare people. Therefore, most would come to a conclusion that only few individuals would watch such movies.

That is where you are hugely mistaken.

Some times the old ways are the best.

Some times the old ways are the best.

Contrary to common knowledge, more individuals are interested in watching horror films. There are certain reasons which some experts believe to explain man’s enthusiasm for these kinds of things.

According to Glenn Sparks, PhD, a professor and associate head in Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University, the interest that individuals have for horror movies can be associated with how you feel after the movie. Such transition is called the excitation transfer process. During these times, anything that you felt during the movie is heightened. It increases exponentially.

For example, if during the movie you experienced positive emotions such as enjoying the film with friends, these are heightened once you go outside. So, instead of fright, you experience happiness, and sharing the stories with your friends makes it even more enjoyable.

On the other hand, if your experience is nothing but negative, these may also heighten once you go outside. So, you might also want to be careful. Therefore, if you do not enjoy these kinds of movies, you better stay away from them. Tell your friends how you really feel about the movie so they can decide to watch something else.

Aside from the excitation transfer process, there are just individuals who want to feel the rush of the scare. They want to feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins. Sparks termed this as Wiring.

In a similar explanation, this theory is also thought to why the same individuals are not capable of withstanding the same kinds of movies.

Individuals may also be interested in horror movies because of novelty. Anything that is different intrigues them. As a result they tend to watch these movies with earnest.

On the other hand, the possibility of the visual effects used such as make up and the blood may also pique the interest of these individuals. They try to figure things out on their own, which makes them even more interested in what they are watching. Although, the possibility of having negative emotions about the movie is still there, only that it is not highlighted.

Such deviation in what is expected by the general population is mostly labeled as weird. However, what most do not consider is that there will always be that kind of person, and not everything follows the way they want it to be.


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