Finish them, Marvel!

When it comes to comic book movies, Marvel is the big dog. They’re absolutely destroying the competition, and kicking them while they’re down at that. Sure, Marvel has made some horrible mistakes in its day, but the publisher has gotten it right more often than not recently. The future is bright for Marvel, and while their plate is full with upcoming films, that doesn’t mean that we won’t demand more of its movie department.

That’s why we’re taking a few moments to put together our Christmas list of flicks we want to see from them in the future. After all, these days, Marvel can say, “Jump,” and Hollywood will ask, “How high?” They’re racking up directors and stars left and right and locking them into franchise contracts. Marvel is quite literally the juggernaut of the cinema world (don’t worry, Juggernaut didn’t make our list), and with the backing and distribution ability Disney has granted them, it’s terrifying what they’re capable of accomplishing.

We all know that there are lots of series and heroes that Marvel should reboot, but for now we want to look at the heroes that deserve their own movies and haven’t yet gotten a time to shine. So, Marvel, we hope you have a pen and paper handy, because we’ve got some ideas for ya.

The bloody Marvel movie.

5. Moon Knight

Let’s not split hairs here: Making a Moon Knight movie would be the biggest “Screw You” Marvel could possibly send to DC Comics. Why? Because he’s basically a poor man’s Batman… If Batman was a violent ex-mercenary with dissociative identity disorder. And that right there is why Moon Knight should be made. Because Marvel’s last attempt at a gritty, violent hero on the big screen didn’t turn out so well (it was Punisher: Warzone for those playing the home game). What makes Moon Knight so intriguing, though, is that he doesn’t deal out vengeance because of something awful that happened to him, but because of all the awful things he’s done in the past. I’ll admit that the whole “getting his power from an ancient moon god” thing is a bit cheesy, but we’re really not here to see an origin story. No, we’d rather watch a brooding badass beat on criminals. Basically, Moon Knight is what you would get if Batman and the Joker ever had a baby, a baby that loved dressing in all white.

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