You really going to let Marvel lay a beating on you?

DC comics needs to get its head in the game. A little over a year ago DC launched what it called “The New 52,” and with it came their chance to show Marvel what they were made of. Then The Avengers came and reminded us that when it comes to movies, Marvel is superior. DC has Batman and that’s about it.

Well, there’s still time for DC to pull it together and give us something actually worth our time and admiration. After all, they’ve proven that they can do it with Christopher Nolan’s awe-inspiring trilogy. So that’s why this week we decided to offer up our advice as professional movie fans to the second-largest comic book company in the world and use this week’s The Pitch to toss them a few ideas for their next project.

It’s not too late to save their hides and prove that they’re capable of more than animated flicks. They’ve got an arsenal of characters that are household names, some of whom have made more comic book appearances than any other characters ever put on paper. That’s not to mention they’ve shown us what they’re made of when it comes to TV (though with Joss Whedon throwing down with S.H.I.E.L.D., that time might be over). So, step up! Take a note from your rivals and do everything they did, only better!

The DC movie that could win an Oscar.

5. The Sandman- You’re sitting on what is easily one of the most popular and acclaimed series of all time and you’re doing nothing with it (it was originally published under Vertigo, which is owned by DC). Shame on you, DC. Shame. The thing is, this probably isn’t the makings of a blockbuster, but right now, you’ve got to take some time to re-establish your credibility. After all, you’ve hurt us before. This project calls for a director with vision, someone we can trust to create the fanciful world in which Dream exists. I hear Guillermo del Toro is a fan of funny books. I’m thinking you could pull this off as a late Fall release and could potentially lead into a trilogy, something that could surprise a few people and shake up Oscar season a little. Then again, tackling this project could be incredibly risky. It’s kind of a big deal in the nerd community, and screwing it up can doom you. But that’s why we have it at No. 5. It’s a big risk, but the reward could be huge.

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