It’s a long time until Christmas, when it’s rumored that the next Doctor Who protagonist will be revealed in the 2013 holiday special. Anyone who has seen the season seven finale, The Name of the Doctor, knows that John Hurt was revealed as another incarnation of the Doctor (sorry for the spoiler, but you’re a terrible Whovian if you didn’t already know this), but we’re willing to bet that he’s not going to be the next pilot of the TARDIS. So, being the horrible nerds that we are, this lead to a discussion of what actors could take over the duty of playing one of the most incredible characters ever created.

Who’s next?

For those that don’t know, every once in a while, fans of the series get a new Doctor. Being that he’s a Time Lord (which, unfortunately, rules out the chances of a woman playing the part, since there are such things as Time Ladies), whenever he comes close to full-fledged death, he regenerates and is reborn as a new person with all the same old memories. As of this last season, we were on the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith.

Seeing as Smith is closing in on David Tennant‘s episode count, it’s a fair bet that he’s going to be replaced after the 50th anniversary special coming out this Christmas. So, here’s a list of the five actors we’d love to see taking on the role of the twelfth Doctor. We narrowed it down to the well-known but less-obvious choices. Be sure to let us know who you think would be a great choice to star in the next season of Doctor Who.

The puppy dog Doctor

5. Chris O’Dowd- We’re starting this list off with one of the most unexpected choices we could come up with. Originally one of the stars of the short-lived British series The IT Crowd and current star of his own HBO series, Family Tree, his star is quickly rising, and he’s appeared in a number of films since the series went dormant. So, why would he make a good Doctor? Well, as of right now, he’s still pretty much a nobody; some people will see him as Roy, but he doesn’t have any major baggage as an actor. Plus, he’s got that adorable puppy vibe going for him, and his lack of confidence is something that we’ve yet to see with any of the recent Doctors. It would give him a chance to show off another side of the Doctor, one who is self-conscious and awkward right up until the moment that you threaten his friends. Besides, it’s about time we had a Doctor with an Irish accent.

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