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Marvel apparently has plans to make sure every character in its catalog gets his turn on the silver screen. With the likes of the Falcon making an appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was only a matter of time before its big dogs were rolled out (well, at least as far as comic nerds are concerned). Recently, the studio announced that Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange would be getting his own movie, which is pretty cool since it will give the expanded universe a chance to start exploring its supernatural side.

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Stephen Strange is a former world-renowned neurosurgeon who suffered a horrible car crash that ruined his hands and his career. While searching for a cure in Tibet, he is taught mystic arts and eventually becomes the protector of Earth. Basically, he’s Marvel’s wizard.

The key to Dr. Strange is being able to separate him from the other heroes while still maintaining his presence as a cohesive member of the universe. As the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s above the street-level threats of, say, The Amazing Spider-Man. He’s more about keeping the order of the mystical universe in check and making sure that the things that go bump in the night don’t come knocking on your door. He’s selfish like Tony Stark, but not as flamboyant. While Stark is a genius, Strange is cunning, reserved.

That being said, we put together a list of five potential actors to play the part in this week’s installment of The Pitch. As always, be sure to let us know if we forgot any serious contenders.

The rugged Dr. Strange.

5. Viggo Mortensen- Viggo is a damn fine actor, and despite being one of the leads in Lord of the Rings, he doesn’t have a lot of baggage attached to his name. The only bad thing is that there are rumors that he’s retiring from acting. Nothing is concrete, and he’s still got a few flicks in various stages of production, so the rumors might be just that. If it isn’t true, he’s the right age and has the emotional depth to his performances to sell the character. After all, we’ve seen a lot of arrogant characters from Marvel as they learn humility (see Iron Man and Thor sometime). Something needs to separate Strange from these guys, and Viggo is the caliber of actor to do it. Besides, the role of Strange is very different from most of the others he’s tackled in the past, and taking a step back from being more of a physical presence might be good for him. On top of that, he’s no stranger to comic book movies (see A History of Violence).

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