Perhaps the biggest news to come out of Comic Con is that the next Man of Steel movie is going to feature Superman and Batman going toe-to-toe, which has risen the biggest question of the year: Who is going to play the next Batman? Christian Bale has announced that there’s no way he’ll be returning to the role, and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt has said he’s not interested in being the new Bruce Wayne. So, we’re left to let our minds wonder as we search the internet for possible replacements.

Many bloggers and websites have pitched their picks in the past, and while we at Stars & Popcorn agree with a lot of the choices out there, there have been a few names that have popped up over and over again with which we simply cannot agree. That’s why we’ve decided to do a very special edition of The Pitch in which we talk about the five actors who should not be the next Batman. We certainly don’t mean any offense to the actors on this list, since they’re all clearly capable and even beloved, but there’s a certain something that’s needed to play the Dark Knight, and these fine folks just don’t have it.

The Batman with a curfew.

5. Kit Harington- Why shouldn’t one of the stars of Game of Thrones be the next Batman? Well, because he’s BatMAN. Kit Harington is coming into his own as a young actor, but he’s too babyfaced to play the Caped Crusader. At the very least, Batman should be in his 30s, and Harington looks like he would still get ID’ed to buy a pint in England (the drinking age there is 18). If the next Batman movie was 10 years off, I could see him screen testing for the part, but as it is, I think the only black cape he should be wearing is that of the Nights Watch. After all, he’s doing such a damn good job on the show, I don’t think anyone should take him away from it… Except for George R.R. Martin.

The Batman who is more of a White Knight.

4. Matt Bomer- I’ve enjoyed the series White Collar the few times I’ve caught it on USA. However, I can’t see star Matt Bomer taking up the cape and cowl as the next Batman. Sure, he looks just like we’ve always imagined Bruce Wayne, but more like the Bruce Wayne that could have been if his parents were never killed. There’s just something a little too clean-cut and positive about his image. I can’t see him as the “shattering a thug’s knee cap” kind of guy. It’s his eyes; there’s something a little too kind about them, and I don’t think they could ever have the sadness and anger that it would take to play Batman.

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3 Responses to The Pitch: Five Actors Who Should Not Be The Next Batman

  1. ....... says:

    I’m sorry. I disagree. 5 Good actors are versatile and they can acting as Batman.

  2. Mohit Kumar says:

    Well, Ryan Gosling is indeed a charmer… But you have said, ” he’s a little too soft spoken to strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere”, he can pull up his Too Soft thing as a cold-blooded style Batman which I think is a good thing. See how Christoph Waltz did it in Inglorious Basterds… Plus we also need The Batman in his original roots which is Detective…

    • Very good point. I’m just starting to feel like Gosling is specializing in apathy when it comes to his better performances in recent memory (Drive, Only God Forgives, etc).

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