Almost forgot the most important part of any show: abs.

Comic books are a hot commodity right now, and that’s partially why we launched a sister site only focusing on funny books. With the recent announcement that The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is being picked up by ABC, it got our minds thinking about other comic book TV shows that would be awesome. So, we thought it was time for an extended edition of The Pitch, wherein we take a look at five ideas for awesome shows that we would love to see. We know that we’ve gotten our fair share of awesome shows like The Walking Dead and Arrow, but we comic book nerds are well-known for always wanting more.

Don’t get your hopes up, because none of these shows has been confirmed, or probably even pitched, but we like to get creative from time to time and share our obsession with our fellow geeks. So, we looked at not only classic cape-sporting heroes, but also a lot of other serial comics that might translate to television well, and even thought about some channels that might be interested in airing the shows.

Don’t get me wrong: There are plenty of heroes that deserve their chance to get off the page, but not all of them could make for a long-running series. So, it was a little hard trying to determine which comics had what it took. Still, we’d love to hear your ideas, so make sure to leave a comment at the bottom and let us know what you think.

The violent show.

5. 100 Bullets- The premise of 100 Bullets is that there is a man who comes to you and gives you the opportunity to take revenge against the person who has ruined your life. He gives you a handgun, documentation on your target and 100 untraceable bullets. It’s not your typical cape-and-tights comic series, and that’s not a bad thing, especially when it comes to being adapted fortTelevision. I can see Bryan Cranston as Agent Graves, the series’ protagonist. He’s coming off of Breaking Bad this year and has the acting chops to pull off anything that’s thrown at him. Unlike his previous projects, though, this one would need to find a home on a premium channel, so something like HBO would be the right choice. The channel has done a lot with its shows, and a series that’s one part pulp, one part noir and one part ethical experiment would be right at home. Having a decent budget would give it the opportunity to pick up some recognizable actors for some of the bigger parts.

The edgy show.

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