The internet is exploding with speculation over who is joining Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel sequel that’s supposed to start filming in early 2014. I’m not talking about Lex Luthor or Brainiac or anything like that. The sequel is supposed to feature Superman taking on the only man who has ever defeated him, Batman (Frank Miller is actually meeting with director Zach Snyder).

We all loved Christian Bale as the previous Dark Knight, but he’s told us all time and time again that he’s not interested in returning to the role, which means there’s going to be a new Caped Crudsader in town. That’s why we put on our thinking caps, did a little research and came up with our own list of 10 actors we’d love to see with a bat on their chest. Of course, Batman is an tad bit older than Superman, so we tried to stay away from the actors who are too young to pull off a late 30s or early 40s. We also made sure to pick actors who have the chops to play the brooding hero who spends his nights breaking common street thugs and striking fear into the hearts of villains that go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Green Lantern and Superman on a daily basis. He’s a hero we mere mortals can look up to, because despite the fact that he stands among gods, he’s still the most dangerous man on the planet, even to them.

The Batman with the brains.

10. Benedict Cumberbatch- Let’s start things off right by pitching a man who will probably never wear the cape and cowl. So, why is he on our list? The next time we see Batman, he’s going to be throwing punches with Superman, a fight he obviously wont be able to win with brute strength. No, he’ll have to use his intellect. Batman is the world’s greatest detective, and right now, Cumberbatch is playing the greatest detective on television. It’s too bad that baggage would get in the way of him getting a chance to punch Cavill in the face.

The Batman who would pick a fight with Superman.

9. Jensen Ackles- Why would Batman enter a fight with the cards stacked against him? Pure arrogance, that’s why. Who better show off that arrogance than a Winchester? Let’s say Batman has been doing a damn fine job cleaning up Gotham… so much so that he’s pretty sure he’s the big dog until this flying alien comes muscling in on the hero game. It seems like a battle bound to happen at some point. Plus, Jensen Ackles was actually in the running to play Captain America, a character that squared off at one point in Marvel vs. DC. Sure, he might seem a little on the young side, but Jensen already plays a character that puts the weight of the world on his shoulders, and that’s exactly what the Dark Knight does.

The Batman who is already screen testing.

8. Tyler Hoechlin- This actor never crossed my mind until the rumor started spreading that he was already going to screen test with Henry Cavill. After doing a little research on the guy, I can see why Zach Snyder is eyeing him. Right now, you probably know him from the MTV series Teen Wolf, in which he plays an alpha male type. Well, that’s pretty much Batman in a nutshell. Not only that, but Hoechlin is an actor who obviously doesn’t have a lot of baggage (considering, I had to go to IMDb to figure out who the hell he is). He might not be my first pick, but he’s definitely someone I wouldn’t get upset about being cast as one of the greatest comic characters of all time. Of all the guys on this list, Tyler is already the closest to being cast, and it would follow casting precedents set in the previous Man of Steel film. So, let’s keep an eye on this guy and wait to see what happens.

The Batman with angel wings.

7. Misha Collins- Wait, another Supernatural actor? Well, year. Mischa plays everyone’s favorite socially awkward angel on television, but if you take a step back, you’ll realize that Castiel and Batman all have a lot in common. Both have a hard time smiling, or even grasping the aspect of a sense of humor. Both are the go-to badasses of their respective universes. And both speak in scary deep voices. Not only that, but Misha has the build to play Batman to Cavill’s Superman. Plus, he’s a fan favorite among nerds, and that’s mostly because he is so loving and gracious toward them. While he’s gained a lot of popularity for playing Castiel, he’s relatively unknown outside of that fan base and won’t bring a lot of baggage with him, which is why we’re campaigning for Castiel for Batman.

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