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Volume I, Edition 30- NBC makes two equal but opposite bad decisions, and we realize we are one step closer to that Pac-Man movie we’ve all been anticipating! All that, plus more wacky failed celebrity marriages! Read on!

NBC accepts ‘imaginative reinvention’ of ‘Munsters,’ eats nostalgia for breakfast

Joseph Hunter (source)

When talking about a classic, much-loved sitcom from the 1960s, the last phrase you want to hear is “imaginative reinvention.” But NBC has picked up Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller’s reboot of the quirky comedy The Munsters.

His reboot, which sounds much more American Horror Story than The Addams Family, will feature the five principle characters—Herman, the Frankenstein’s-monster-esque patriarch; Lily, the sultry vampire; Grandpa, the senile vampire; Eddie, the werewolf; and Marilyn, the normal one—at the classic 1313 Mockingbird Lane address. However, it is said to be a visually striking hour-long drama rather than the tongue-in-cheek sitcom we all know and love.

This is the type of news you’d expect to see on April Fool’s Day, but as we look at the calendar, we just feel disheartened. Especially since…

‘Community’ to take spring semester off, backpack across Europe, really find self

Joseph Hunter (source)

We have had a love/hate relationship with NBC’s Community, alternately the most brilliant and the most groan-worthy comedy on television, so it comes as no real surprise that NBC has decided to pull it—step one on the journey to cancellation—in favor of the more consistent and higher-rated 30 Rock.

This is business, and it makes sense, so we have no real qualms in principle. However, we just can’t support the move when it means giving Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler platforms from which to spew their inanity, Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea?, respectively. Maybe there is no justice in the universe.

David Fincher gets into the adaptation game

Patrick Sessoms (source)

Everyone around the office here is stoked about David Fincher’s upcoming remake (and adaptation) of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. After all, we’re all huge fans of Fight Club (but not in a “dude-bro” way). So color us enthused that rumors have started to spread that Fincher’s next movie could be an updated version of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and could even reunite him with writer Scott Z. Burns (who wrote the film Se7en).

Since this is all speculation, there’s no telling if audiences will actually get treated to a darker adaptation of the classic movie (based on the novel by Jules Verne), but we can hold out hope. In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait patiently for December to bring us Fincher’s newest flick.

Ice Cube to get down on Friday

Joseph Hunter (source)

It’s not like we didn’t expect this sort of thing, but the fact that it’s been 16 years since Friday was released, and nine since the series’ most recent iteration Friday After Next, we thought maybe the series could be laid to rest. Not so, says Tommy “Tiny” Lister.

Lister and series star Ice Cube have decided to do another film in the series—ominously titled Last Friday—and costars Chris Tucker and John Witherspoon are reportedly on-board. With Ice Cube the projected writer, director and star, the spirit of the movie should be true to the first three. Says Lister: “This is gonna be the big one.” We won’t pretend to know what that means.

New Line Cinema wonders whether maybe the true monster is civilization with ‘Rampage’ adaptation

Joseph Hunter (source)

New Line Cinema has begun early development on a feature film adaptation of the classic Rampage arcade game, in which giant monsters George, Lizzie and Ralph punch their way through identical levels of civilization until players get bored and quit.

That’s it. That’s the news. Midway’s classic game series itself has a tried and true formula that has spanned some five titles and at least one spinoff, but turning this formula of repeating the same two minutes over and over into a 90-minute action (?) movie could prove difficult. But then, we laughed when they said Battleship couldn’t be made into a movie, and who’s laughing now? (No one. It looks awful.)

Apparently asking a girl out via YouTube actually works

Patrick Sessoms (source)

So, remember last July when Marine Sergeant Scott Moore asked Mila Kunis out via his YouTube channel? Well, apparently it worked. The Friends with Benefits star actually went through with her promise and accompanied the guy to his Marine Corps ball last Friday. It’s a heartwarming story of true love and getting to hook up with a celebrity for a dream-like night filled with whirlwind romance.

While we’re happy that Scott got his night with Mila, we can’t help but feel a little depressed that all our YouTube proposals went unanswered (well, except for that restraining order…). Still, we’re going to keep at it. After all, we’ve got nothing better to do. Who knows, maybe Justin Timberlake will want to go out with us. We’re not going to ask him, but he seems to be into that kind of thing.

‘Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!’ TV special to commemorate a very NPR Christmas

Joseph Hunter (source)

After 14 years of dominating radio waves, where “dominating” means as much as it can for a public radio show typically playing on weekend afternoons, Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! will make its television debut.

The demi-celebrity current events quiz show with a humorous twist will feature host Peter Sagal, scorekeeper/announcer Carl Kasell, and a celebrity panel including comedians Paula Poundstone and Alonzo Bodden. Set to air on Dec. 23 on BBC America, the show will up its usual scope, acting as a roundup for the biggest (and quirkiest) events in 2011.

Ashton Kutcher Demi-less

Joseph Hunter (source)

After six years, or roughly 40 percent of their age difference, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have decided to call it quits in the wake of Kutcher’s alleged recent affair. The two have not directly addressed the alleged tryst, but the official announcement puts any speculation to rest.

It’s been a rough few weeks for high-profile Hollywood marriages, but at least here there seems to be a bit of sincerity not seen in the wake of recent relationship disintegrations around Tinsel Town.

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